Pozzo della Bufala, Italia

Here’s a lovely cloister of the Church of San Francesco in Grosseta, Italy.  You can view the church and its grounds here.  There seems to be a lot in this town, including an aquarium.  I used to love to go to the Brooklyn Aquarium when I was a kid with my friend, Bo-San (now a dentist in Jersey),  We took the N to the end of line at Coney Island.

Back to the pic.  

The gate is amusingly called, the Pozzo della Bufala or in English the Well of the Buffalo.  It was  built by ​ the Grand-duke  of Tuscany, Ferdinando dei Medici  in 1590 though no particular reason is cited nor could  I could not find out why the name.  I guess it was a public works project.
 The church was originally dedicated to San Fortunato of Todi who defended the area from the Goths, but was given to Santo Francesco ​ (aka St Francis of Assisi) in 1230, when the latter returned from his journey east and landed in  nearby Maremma.
San Fortunato, he predates Saint Gregory and died in 540, was given this one instead in Perugia Umbria, a much plainer building.  This site has lots of pictures of it.  It’s well worth a virtual tour and if you are in the area, a visit.