Saturday July 25/Dormition of Saint Anna

Today July 24/12 we celebrate the dormition of Saint Anna (Anne, Ann, Anita, Nancy). Saint Anna was the daughter of the priest Matthan and his wife Mary. She was of the tribe of Levi and so her lineage was traced to Moses’s brother Aaron. 
According to Tradition, she died peacefully in Jerusalem at age 79, before the Annunciation to the Most Holy Theotokos.
Saint Anna is invoked for conceiving children, as well as for help in difficult childbirth.
Apolytikion of Dormition of St. Anna in the Fourth Tone
O Godly-minded Anna, thou didst give birth unto God’s pure Mother who conceived Him Who is our Life. Wherefore, thou hast now passed with joy to thy heavenly rest, wherein is the abode of them that rejoice in glory; and thou askest forgiveness of sins for them that honour thee with love, O ever-blessed one.
Kontakion of Dormition of St. Anna in the Second Tone
We celebrate now the memory of Christ’s ancestors, while asking their help with faith, that we may all be saved from all manner of tribulation as we fervently cry aloud:  Be thou with us, O Lord our God, Whose pleasure it was to glorify them both.
Chronia Polla to all those named in her honour.

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