Nimrud gone up in smoke

Nimrud is the Arabic name for the ancient Assyrian city originally known as Kalhu, located 20 miles south of Mosul, and lies on the Nineveh plains in northern Mesopotamia.


And now poof! And its gone. Amazing how we can just decimate a place now; it used to take real work.

You can see some pictures of the actual destruction in progress, here from the Washington Post.

from the Holy Bible

7 Then all who see you will shrink from you and say, “Nineveh is devastated; who will bemoan her?” Where shall I seek comforters for you? 8 Are you better than Thebes that sat by the Nile, with water around her, her rampart a sea, water her wall? 9 Ethiopia was her strength, Egypt too, and that without limit; Put and the Libyans were her helpers. 10 Yet she became an exile, she went into captivity; even her infants were dashed in pieces at the head of every street; lots were cast for her nobles, all her dignitaries were bound in fetters.

Nahum iii:7-10