Lviv Ukraine

 Lviv has had many names:  in Polish it's Lwów, German Lemberg, Russian Lvov. Now it is part of the western Ukraine, on the Roztochchya Upland. It was founded in the mid-13th century by Prince Daniel Romanovich of Galicia, and historically been the chief centre of Galicia, that region that now separates Ukraine and Poland.Its geographical position controls … Continue reading Lviv Ukraine

Death Becomes Her

from the UK Spectator, July 26 2015Not content with Facebooking our every foible, Instagramming the births of our children and live-tweeting our daily lives, more and more of us are now making a public spectacle of dying. We're inviting strangers not merely to 'like' expertly filtered photos of our breakfasts, but to admire the way … Continue reading Death Becomes Her