Rome, Temple of Saturn

The 4th century AD Temple of Saturn is situated in the north west corner of the Forum.  It has just has eight majestic columns of Egyptian granite, still standing.   The temple was built in honour of the Roman God Saturn, whose role was that of being a major agricultural god, of seed sowing..  His  Greek … Continue reading Rome, Temple of Saturn

Grateful Phil

SAN RAFAEL, Calif.—Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh says he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. The 75-year-old bassist announced his illness Friday, and said he was diagnosed in early October. He has been undergoing tests at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale and will eventually have surgery to remove the tumors. Phil is very grateful that … Continue reading Grateful Phil

Chronia Polla, Aghios Ioannis of Kronstadt Russia

Saint John of Kronstadt was a married priest, who lived with his wife in virginity. Through his untiring labours in his priestly duties and love for the poor and sinners, he was granted by our Lord great gifts of clairvoyance and miracle-working, to such a degree that in the last years of his life miracles … Continue reading Chronia Polla, Aghios Ioannis of Kronstadt Russia

The Celebration of Luke the Evangelist, October 18

Reading from the Synaxarion:This Apostle was an Antiochean, a physician by trade, and a disciple and companion of Paul.  He wrote his Gospel in Greek after Matthew and Mark, after which he wrote the Acts of the Apostles, and dedicated both works to Theophilus, who, according to some, was Governor of Achaia.  He lived some … Continue reading The Celebration of Luke the Evangelist, October 18