Cousin Hatty on Recalcitrant Children

Don’t wash me, pray, mamma, today,”
I once heard little Jennie say,
” because washing is oh so dull,
I never want to see my tub.”
“Very well, then Jennie” her mother said;
“I’ll put you back into bed;
because if you do not listen
then  in your night-gown you should stay,
Nor come downstairs at all to-day.”
Then I heard little  Jennie cry and vent,
And beg mamma to relent
It wasn’t that big a thing, she said
And after today, she would gladly bathe again

But her mother was no fool
And turned and left her there;
Sometimes she  heard Jennie’s step upon the stair;
But Mother ignored her
And Jennie stayed all day long,
Alone, by herself,  for doing wrong.

She heard her sister  jump and run,
And wished to join her in the  fun;
Then she watched her brother Jed made a snow-man high;
But upon her bed she still had to lie.

More things she heard that day,
Then ever she did before
Like  the merry sleigh-bells ring,
And friends come and go, a-clattering;
But Jennie could not go to ride or wish them well
But remained in night-clothes
in what now seemed like her cell

Glad was she, as you may guess,
The next day to listen to her mother
And then put on her dress;
She ran outdoors and played
And told her mother gaily
She would never disobey her again.

Obviously Hatty knows the importance of controlling your children and not letting them rule the house.  Previously on the blog, this came up when a Judge in the UK told some wayward parents the same thing.  See here.