Books on Cults from Realms of Faith

Books about Cults and Cultic Movements

As this is from another blog, and an old one that is now just found via the WayBack Archives, so I cannot personally vouch for these books, but it seems like a good blog,  and I think if you are snowbound and want to read somethings, this may be a good starting point.  

Look of course to your library first, or ebooks on the web. Purchase only when you really want to support the author/publishing house like I did with Harper Lee’s latest book, Go Set a Watchman, otherwise borrow.

Reasoning from the Scriptures with Masons, by Ron Rhodes (Harvest House, 2001).
A full-length exploration of the teachings and practices of the Masonic Lodge. Designed to equip the reader to confront and persuade both non-Christian and Christian members of the Lodge. Rhodes demonstrates the incompatibility between keeping one’s Masonic oaths and following Christ.
Christianity in Crisis, by Hank Hanegraaff (Harvest House, 1997).
The Word-of-Faith movement teaches that our spoken words have the power to create reality, based on the same faith God used to create the world. God communicates new teachings about Himself through chosen prophets such as Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn. His desire is that Christians be healthy and wealthy; they just need to claim those blessings and send in a contribution to TBN. Is this Christianity? Hanegraaff gives an emphatic no, and exposes the teachings of the movement.
Bruce & Stan’s Guide to Cults, Religions, & Spiritual Beliefs, by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz (Harvest House, 2002).
A super-easy-to-read overview of the major religions and cults in America and the rest of the world. Useful for those who share the gospel in multicultural settings, or anywhere for that matter.
The Kingdom of the Cults, Rev. Ed., by Walter Martin (Bethany House, 1997).
For those who desire a deeper look into the major cults, this is a large, ground-breaking work recently brought up to date to include recent rivals to Christianity. There’s little in other cult books that can’t be found here.
Unveiling Islam: An Insider’s Look at Muslim Life and Beliefs, by Ergun and Emir Caner (Kregel, 2002).
Muslim converts to Christianity reveal the history and teachings of Islam as practiced in the Middle East and in America. Includes much discussion of the nature of Jihad and the differences between Christian and Muslim understandings of Jesus and the Bible.
(I’m actually reading this one which is how I found this blog).

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