The Prado acquires a Fran Angelico

The Virgin and Child with two Angels or The Virgin of the Pomegranate, Guido di Pietro, known as Fra Angelico.

MADRID.- The Royal Board of Trustees of the Museo del Prado and with the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, also in attendance, approved the acquisition of The Virgin of the Pomegranate, the only masterpiece of early 15th-century Florentine painting and the last masterpiece by Fra Angelico to remain in private hands.

The payment of this 18 million Euro acquisition over the next four years will be funded by a special contribution of 10 million Euros from the State, an exceptional contribution of 4 million Euros from the Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado, and another 4 million from the Museum’s own funds.


Historically, it was the seed of the  pomegranate and not the apple (an English translation of the KJV) that it Eve gave Adam.  This picture with Christ holding, but not eating,  the pomegranate was supposed to show how he conquered evil and was above temptation.

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