Napoleon Hill’s 12 steps to success

Steps to success

How to succeed: Follow these 12 steps (adapted from Napoleon Hill)

1. Write down exactly what you want to accomplish and why. Figure out what you have right now to make that happen.

2. Figure out what you need and then go back to #2 and see which of your talents you are not fully utilizing

3. Set a time each day to make it happen. Surprisingly this is often overlooked, setting a schedule to work at your goal is very important.

4. Picture yourself having achieved your goal and getting the rewards (even for just a minute or two) as often as possible until you’re actually there

5. Whenever you’re doing something that furthers your goal, find at least one thing that you enjoyed about that effort

6. When you start feeling fearful or avoidant, ask yourself what you’re scared of or are avoiding and whether it’s really that terrible. Follow the fear to its conclusion. You may feel that it is more fearful than it truly is.

7. Make yourself accountable to someone: find a buddy, blog about your intentions, join a group, etc. The object is to make this public, so put your picture on it.

8. Keep a journal of your progress. Extra Small Moleskines are very good for this.

9. Be enthusiastic. Smile when you think of your goal.

10. Whenever you start feeling resentful of the things you have to do, remind yourself that you personally are taking full responsibility for seeing it through because you want to.

11. Take the first step, however small, within 24 hours of the moment you read this. Don’t wait for inspiration, grab it.

12. Finally, stay with it.

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