Italy: natural Law vs the Govt

St thomas Aquinas defined it originally & that was over 800 years ago:  Natural law is what God gave us, and inspired according to principles of compassion, truth, and justice. Naturalists, like myself, assert that the legitimacy of any enacted human law must be measured by its agreement with divine principles of right and wrong.
Positive laws, defined by Thomas Hobbes, may be promulgated, passed, adopted, or otherwise “posited” by an official or entity vested with authority by the government to prescribe the rules and regulations for a particular community. The belief that the only legitimate sources of law are those written rules and regulations laid down by the government is known as Positivism.   Postivists are socialists, marxists,& liberals.  In Europe positivists are the “right”;  in America & Britian  the “left”or “labour”.

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