News: Trump and Iowa

Interesting article from the very liberal British “The Week” on Trump and Iowa.  I do not agree that it was snubbing Fox that cost him Iowa, I think Iowa being very liberal did not like _it_ being snubbed; that Trump did not feel he had to debate for _them_.

The interesting point in the article is how Fox becoming more and more mainstream is losing viewership.  I do not have cable and part of that decision 4 years ago, was that Fox was so mainstream that I saw no reason to _buy_ it.  When I said that to my friends, they told me I was crazy.  Now more and more of them are also dropping cable and getting _alternative_ news like Drudge or Breitbart, so overall though, I do think that the Megyn Kelly episode hurt Fox,  because it highlighted how typical orin Limbaugh parlance _drive by_  they had become.

It just goes to show, that people will not pay premiums for mainstream garbage.