News: Trump and Sanders take New Hampshire

Another nothing state weighs in.  Sanders who is from next door Vermont trounced Billary.  Rubio did pretty well considering all the fuss everyone made about the Saturday night debate.  I definitely think Gilmore Carson Fiorina  & Christie should go home and thankfully the latter two took the hint and bailed.  Carson came in after both and still hasn’t gotten the message.  Makes no sense to me as he is bleeding money and I don’t know anything about this Gilmore fellow.

In the end the stats say that Kasich spent $16 Million Dollars to come in second and Jeb 12 million to place & that’s in a liberal state.  Onward to the Palmetto State and Vegas.  I would say Bernie takes Vegas, all those hotel workers.  South Carolina I believe will go to Hillary.  Tally Ho!