Name day: St Calogero, the Black Saint of Sicily

St Calogero  (Calcedonia, 466 – Monte Cronio, 18 giugno 561) was a hermit monk.  He   is revered aby both the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Catholic Church. Catholic btw just means universal and is in both Churches names. Most though just say RC and Orthodox. I do not particularly like that because it assumes that the Roman version is more universal than we are, and in most of our Churchs OC is part of the name…St Annunciation OC Church, is  my local Church here in Pennsylvania.
St Calogero is a black saint, like Saint Augustine. His nameday is June 18th but I could not find him either a “C” for the Roman spelling or  “K” for the Greek,  in the Orthodox Wiki. So perhaps it is incomplete,  I kept checking and lo and behond, there is an Orthodox church of Aghios Calogero and  Aghios Elijah in Caltanissetta, Sicily, Italy. It has a very simple altar but it is complete. Like all Orthodox liturgies (masses or services) it starts at 10 am. If you are in Sicily, do pay it a call.

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