Churches: Russian Byzantine Catholic

St John the Baptist, his name day is today.
Across the street, I guess sorta diagonally, is the Russian Byzantine Catholic Church.  If that designation is unfamiliar to you, then you must not live in Pennsylvania.  All of their  churches are listed as located in this state, and it is one of the largest reasons that despite the very high unemployment in the area, people tend to stay — their church, their family, their home is here.  It’s heartwrenching when young kids, and they are in droves, move away.  It’s like a diaspora.
Andy Warhol was Russian Catholic.  Originally they were Russian Orthodox but with the advent of manufacturing jobs in the area after WWII, companies would only give their employees December 25th off, and the Russians were unaware that the Greeks had already changed their Christmas to that day and so became RC.  The services are still in Old Slavonic and upstairs all the statutes are Catholic; downstairs all the ikons are still Orthodox, but the services while in Slavonic follow the RC calendar though their saint holidays follow the Orthodox — and yes that is confusing, even to me.

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