Saints: July 11, St Olga Princess of Kiev

Today, July 11 is also a day to honour Saint Olga, Princess of Kyev, Ukraine and Equal-to-the-Apostles. She was renowned for her wisdom and sobriety, in her youth became the wife of Igor, Great Prince of Kiev, who ruled during the tenth century. After her husband’s death, she herself ruled capably, and was finally moved to accept the Faith of Christ. She traveled to Constantinople to receive Holy Baptism. 

The Emperor, seeing her outward beauty and inward nobility asked her to marry him. She said she could not do this before she was baptized; he was flattered.  Then she  asked him to be her Godfather  which he readily agreed to do. After her baptismal, and receiving the name of Helen, the Emperor repeated his proposal of marriage. 

Helen shook her head and said that would be impossible as now her was her father, through the sactrament of Holy Baptism, & it would be blasphemy to marry incestously.
Outwitted, he sent her back to her land with priests and sacred texts and holy icons. Although her son Svyatoslav remained a pagan, she planted the seed of faith in her grandson Vladimir 

She reposed in peace in 969.

Apolytikion of Olga, Equal to the Apostles in the First Tone

Giving thy mind wings with the knowledge of God, thou didst soar beyond visible creatures, seeking the God and Creator of all things; and having found Him, thou didst receive rebirth by baptism. Since thou dost enjoy the Tree of Life, thou remainest incorrupt for all eternity, O ever-glorious Olga.
See this site for more about Olga in the Romanov Family. BTW, Olga is a very popular Greek name, because after the British helped Kolokotronis defeat the infidel they installed a King and Queen over Hellas, their first ever…and she was Queen Olga, the grandmother of Britain’s Prince Phillip, & for which my yiayia and many cousins are named. Chronia Pollia Olga!