News: WMD is back

Lo and behold, it seems that Al Qaeda operatives based in Iran  were working on chemical and biological weapons.  That according to a letter written by the man himself, Osama bin Laden, as described in a new book by a top former U.S. intelligence official, Lt. General Michael Flynn

The letter was captured by a U.S. military sensitive-site exploitation team during the raid on bin Laden’s Abbottabad headquarters in May 2011 but WH Obama and its PressCorps did not release that information validating former President G.W. Bush’s attack.

Instead in Field of Fight, Flynn, & Michael Ledeen of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies highlights its contents:

“One letter to bin Laden reveals that al Qaeda was working on chemical and biological weapons in Iran…There’s a lot of information on Iran in the files and computer discs captured at the Pakistan hideout of Osama bin Laden,” Flynn writes in the introduction.

The authors note that the relationship between Iran and al Qaeda “has always been strained” and “[s]ometimes bin Laden himself would erupt angrily at the Iranians.”

Previously released documents and other evidence show that al Qaeda kidnapped an Iranian diplomat in order to force a hostage exchange and bin Laden was very concerned about the Iranians’ ability to track his family members.

Read more at the Weekly Standard, a Fox owned publication. You can buy the book here on Barnes and Nobles in hardcover or ebook format, if you want the fastest delivery there is.