Saints: Proclus & Hilary, July 12th

Today, July 12th, we commemorate, the Holy Martyrs Proclus and Hilarion, uncle and nephew who were natives of the village of Kallippi, near Ancyra, Northern Galicia (now Ankara the capital of Turkey) & were martyred during the time of a persecution under the pagan Roman Emperor Trajan, or Marcus Ulpius Traianus, (98-118 AD).

St Proclus was brought before Governor Maximus, & fearlessly confessed his faith in Christ. The governor ordered Proclus to sacrifice to the pagan gods or be tortured into submission. Proclus of course refused and predicted that Maximus would soon be compelled to confess Christ as the true God. One of his tortures was to run after the chariot of the governor, heading towards native Kallippi. Exhausted, St Proclus prayed that the Lord would halt the chariot, & miraculously it was halted, and no force could move it from the spot. 

 The governor became petrified. & Proclus told him that the chariot would remain stationery until he would sign a document with his seal, with a confession of his newly formed belief in Christ, fulfilling Proclus’ prophesy.  Humiliated by Proclus, the Governor then commanded that Proclus be led out beyond the city, tied to a pillar and shot with arrows. The soldiers, leading St Proclus to execution, told him to give in and save his life, but the saint said that they should follow their orders.

Along the way to the place of execution, they met Hilarion, the nephew of St Proclus, who with tears embraced his uncle and also confessed himself a Christian. The soldiers seized him, and he was thrown into prison. The holy Martyr Proclus prayed for his tormentors & surrendered his soul to God beneath a hail of arrows.  

St Hilarion was brought to trial and, confessed himself a Christian & was also tortured & sentenced to death. They tied the martyr’s hands and dragged him by his feet through the city, wounded and bloody, finally beheading him.  Christians buried the two pious men in a single grave.