news: All lives Matter?

Sunday following the shooting in Baton Rouge, LA where  three police officers died, Fox News Channel’s Shep Smith interviewed former Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) about what was happening in the state capital. 
BTW, the new Louisiana governor is an Obama-ite and staunch Democrat; Jindal had tried running for president this turn but never gathered much muster being a moderate.  He was a good governor but never got much airplay as the press ignored him; my family down there was appalled by their treatment of him.

During the interview Jindal said “all lives matter,” which drew a rebuke from Smith.
                   “Governor, you know that phrase you just used is one that is seen by many as derogatory, right  I just wonder why it is that you used that phrase when there’s a certain segment of the population that believes it’s a real dig on them.”Jindal ignored the comment and continued on. Smith trying to be provocative, said that the phrase “all lives matter” was divisive.
                 “I don’t understand why – governor why do you say that?  I mean, it’s certainly a given that that’s the case because every life matters, on every level, but you know that’s a very, very divisive phrase that a lot of people hear and become really upset about and I just wonder why you keep using it,”  Shep Smith formerly of Mississippi said argumentatively.                 Jindal surprisingly, did not take the bait.