news: Melania Trump at the RNC in Cleveland

Donald Trump broke precedent and introduced his Slovenian wife, Melania who called American citizenship the “greatest privilege on Planet Earth”.

Listen to her speech here. 

Discussion from the Rush Limbaugh show

CALLER:  I think it’s pretty ridiculous because it’s not like Michelle had some kind of big revelation or uncovered some new theory.  It’s something that we all as Americans pretty much agree with, we say it to our kids all the time.  My husband and I have this conversation several times a week, and we talk to our kids about this, so it sounds familiar because we all say it all the time.
RUSH:  That’s an interesting point.  Why, then, is it such a big deal when we hear it from politicians?  Why does everyone applaud it, why does everyone go, “Yeah, yeah, you tell ’em!  You say it!”  Why does everybody go bananas when they hear what you teach your kids every day. It’s almost so common, you could almost call these things cliches.
CALLER:  Exactly.  I think they all applaud it because I think we feel that we’re really losing or moral compass here.  And when people say something really simple and basic, it’s ridiculous that we applaud it, but that’s what we’re going towards.  I mean, we’re so far from where we were that even the simplest things are —
RUSH:  Listen to what you just said.  I listen to what people say.  You just said everybody says this, everybody tells their kids this, everybody raises their kids with this, and yet we see it said during a political convention and we act like, “Wow, it’s a lost philosophy, and they’ve just discovered it again.  All right.”  We act like nobody says it anymore, and when somebody on TV says it, be it on a convention stage or just on a TV show, “Yeah, right on.”  So while everybody thinks that everybody else is raising their kids this way, it still is reacted to like it’s a lost philosophy recently discovered when we hear it said in a political event.
CALLER:  Well, you know what?  I think there’s one difference.  I think that people, a lot of people still raise their kids this way, but society is not.  And so that makes us think that nobody is thinking this anymore, because society has gone so far from it.
RUSH:  Well, see, that’s where I was leading you.  I was hoping you would say because —
CALLER:  I bit that hook.  (laughing)
RUSH:  Because the fact is that every parent doesn’t raise their kids this way anymore, and it’s probably an increasing number of people who don’t even believe it anymore, who think that that is part of the rigged game. This whole business of working hard and apply yourself and you’ll get ahead, that’s rigged, that isn’t ever gonna work for me, ’cause my daddy doesn’t know anybody, or my family isn’t prominent or whatever, or I’m a minority. You pick it, a lot of people, this is part of the old traditional institution aspect of America that a lot of people have lost faith in.  People in politics are presumed to be in positions of power and influence.  So when they utter these things, it makes people, “All right, all right, maybe it’s coming back,” because most people in their hearts think we’re losing all of these beliefs.
CALLER:  I agree.
RUSH:  And that’s why it stands out.  And that’s why it’s such a big deal.  And that’s why I say, “Okay, so when you hear it from X, Y, or Z personality, do you believe they mean it?”  When you heard Melania say it — everybody in the world has said it before, it’s the point, be it Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Deval Patrick, me, take your pick, do you believe her when she says it, do you believe Democrats when they say those things?  That’s what it’s really gonna boil down to.  I appreciate the call, Terry.  Very shrewd of you.