news: Prince Charles and the CoE

Prince Charles,Orthodoxy and the CoE

In 1992, Russia’s weekly, Den, approvingly quoted Prince Charles as saying that in a world of profligacy and decadence, the only country where he saw some regeneration was Russia, obviously this was after the fall of Communism.  He may or may not have been accurately cited, but for the future head of the Church of England it raises some alarms, at least back home in merry Ole England.
But honestly, the Royal House, had a lot of ties to Eastern Orthodoxy, & some   think he is already there.
In the previous post about the demise of Queen Frederika, there is also the prince’s paternal grandmother, Princess Alice of Greece, who ended her days as an Orthodox nun.  
His aunt, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth, was canonised by the Russian church in recognition both of her charitable life and heroine’s death at the hands of the Bolsheviks. After her husband, a harsh governor of Moscow, was assassinated in 1905, the German-born grand duchess, a convert to Orthodoxy, founded a new religious community to care for the poor; but like her sister & the PRince’s other aunt,  Empress Alexandra, she was a victim ofBolsheviskism (aka Marism, communism),  and was murdered by the Bolsheviks.  Her earthly remains and that of Princess Alice, are at a Russian convent in Jerusalem.
At his second marriage service to Camilla, one of the musical highlights was a recitation of the Creed in Old Church Slavonic, the language of the Russian church & among his favourite charities is a school of religious and traditional art in east London where the curriculum includes both Christian iconography and Koranic calligraphy.  
In a series of lectures about Islam, the heir to the throne has credited the Muslim faith with many virtues that he holds dear: a sense that the earth is to be respected out of deference to the Creator, and that human creativity is a spiritual endeavour as well as a utilitarian one but this could because the Royal House is so tied to the Sa’udis and so has to say all of this — Britian is a vrey large Palestinian anti Israel supporter.
Still, Charlies says that in both Orthodox Christianity and Islam, he discerns a set of values that might mitigate the world’s environmental problems by encouraging a spirit of self-restraint, and he is a big Greenie having already made a lot of waves on that front of what he may champion when the Kingdom comes his way.
Or maybe, the Economist is just looking for copy?