News: Vinny’s Ear

This article about Vincent Van Gogh and how much of an ear he cut off, is rather macabre, but that’s not why I’m posting it.  It’s the last line, that now, once again, they think he is an epileptic.

It also seems that Vinny G did not give his ear to a whore but a Farmer’s Daughter, much like giving a sow’s ear to a virgin to make a silk purse.

My husband, also V, thinks that this Vinny did not not out of epilepsy or illness but sheer mania about hearing his lost love, Paul Gauguin, was going to the South Seas, and he would not see him again.
An ear for a penis, sort to speak.  Van Gogh being very religious knew homosexual relations were unBiblical and Gauguin, that most machismo of men, would have gone literally ape-shit had he tried to make a come on…so were the typical responses in pre-Metrosexual world, if you can remember that long ago.  So my Vinny thinks that the other Vinny cut off his ear because he would be losing an important relationship, and he was heart sick.  
Gauguin left for Tahiti before hearing of the ear incident, which is why Vinny gave it to a whore and not the real recipient.  Frankly I am not sure that Gauguin gone was the reason for the gift to the whore, I think it was saying that Vinny felt he was at her level  — just now existing, sleeping eating and painting, with no real “love” in his life.
Van Gogh died of a shot wound, a year and half later, on July 29, 1880.