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Some key quotes from Hillary Clinton

  1. I don’t quit.  I keep going….
  2. I cannot be insulted.  You know?  I just can’t be.
  3. My life has been kind of an unfolding drama; to me as well as everybody else.
  4. When I look at what’s available in the man department, I’m surprised more women aren’t gay.
Hillary went to Wellesley because her father thought that would give her a traditional education.  He admitted later he was dead wrong.  She was chosen to represent her Class of 1969 and the Commencement Speaker was Mass Senator, Edward Brooke.   Wellesley (like the other Seven Sisters—Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Radcliffe, Smith, and Vassar) catered to the pampered daughters of America’s privileged elite.   It wasn’t SAT grades that got you in there; it was connections.  The book the Group is all about that.

Scranton Lace today
Andersen gives some key facts, her mother gave her purposefully a boys name because she wanted her daughter to be edgy.  Chicago born Dorothy Howell Rodham, pushed her for success; her Scranton PA father, Hugh Rodham, did not, just wanting her to be smart female lawyer that did well.  Hillary it seems felt that was “sexist”.
from the book:

Like Dorothy’s, Hugh’s childhood had been marred by ignorance and poverty. Hillary’s paternal grandparents were Welsh immigrants who, in an era before child labor laws, settled in  Scranton, Pennsylvania, and went to work rather than attend  school. Hugh landed a football scholarship to Penn State, and after  graduating with a degree in physical education went to work unloading crate boxes at a warehouse. Later, Hugh struck out for  Chicago—and a salesman’s job at the company where Dorothy  Howell worked, Columbia Lace. 

 Dorothy and Hugh were married after a five-year courtship, in  1942. Almost immediately, Rodham enlisted in the navy and dis-covered a unique opportunity to put his degree in physical education to good use. Rodham was assigned to whip raw recruits into  shape using the Gene Tunny program, a regimen devised by the re-tired world heavyweight boxing champion.

When he returned to Chicago after his discharge, Hugh declined  an offer to return to his old job. Instead, recognizing that a postwar  housing boom would mean a surge in demand for home furnishings, he launched his own custom drapery business. He and Dorothy  were ensconced in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Chicago’s Lincoln Park district when, on October 26, 1947, Dorothy gave birth at  nearby Edgewater Hospital to eight-and-a-half-pound Hillary Diane. Dorothy chose what she had always believed to be a man’s  name, Hillary, because to her it sounded “exotic.”  Even as a toddler, eager-to-please Hillary impressed her mother  as being “very mature, very grown up.” When Hugh Jr. arrived  three years later, the family relocated to suburban Park Ridge, an  upscale, all-white Republican stronghold thirty-five miles north-west of Chicago. 

Living near Scranton, I have heard that this story Andersen prints is sheer hogwash.  He was not poor but related to the Scranton family on his mother’s side, and that he met his wife during the war, not as a worker for Columbia Lace which was a friendly colleague of the famed Scranton Lace Company.   On the same note, Hugh brought his family from Chicago every year for summer to see and visit his family in Scranton as well as all holidays.  I have found it amazing that Joe Biden and her both trace their families to the city.  As for Andersen, I think he needs to fact check a bit mroe.  

At Wellesley, Hillary after the 1968 RNC at Miami, that she attended, decided to do something outre and interview Saul Alinsky, “the leftist firebrand whose 1947 book, Reveille for Radicals, was regarded by many as the bible of the  protest movement. Colorful, outspoken, and often outrageous,
Alinsky believed the only way to effect change was by confronting  those in power—with protest marches, strikes, and sit-ins.   Hillary was an ardent admirer of both Alinsky and Marxist theoretician Carl Oglesby, who denounced America’s “ruling class”  and had nothing but praise for Ho Chi Minh, Castro, and Mao. ”  She took up the premise, mainly because it was shocking and she liked that.
Carl Oglesby btw, died in 2011 in Montclair, New Jersey at 76.  Before this book I had never heard of him.  Here’s a link to a writing by him.  It’s short, about 10 pages, and has some interesting cultural tidbits in it.  Obviously Hillary has deviated from his non-interventionist philosophy since then.
Back to our girl Hillary.

What she really liked about Saul was his  he “believed in a  win-at-all-cost approach in the battle for power, and that that required zeroing in with laserlike intensity on one’s enemies.  Alinsky advised his students: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

 I would say that is definitely happening with the hapless Trump right now.  They are beaming on him and magnifying his every step to an nsane degree while minimising her many financial and legal fiascos.  Obviously Donald has to get back on track.

Before showing up at Yale, Hillary according to Andersen, worked in Alaska’s salmon fishing industry gutting fish and working the line. That surprised me, because I’ve never heard about it previously and the Clintons do have a habit of ballyhooing their smallest virtues, and I would say for died in the wool Commie,s working the line is big.   I find it so odd, I’m not sure I believe it.  I cannot find another source for it.
At Yale,  the Black Panthers, from Chicago, moved to New Haven and Hillary always alerted to anything from her hometown followed their stories with great interest.  Kent State and the State Police happened also that year, Neil Young’s OHIO, recounts that,  At Yale she met Marian Wright Edelman (her husband is Peter Edelman who was attache to Robert Kennedy, they have 3 children Jonah, Ezra and Joshua.  Edelman is of Jewish heritage from Minneapolis like Bob Dylan) of the Children’s Defense Fund, whom Andersen calls on her most “important” mentors; there is no argument with that. 

Then in the fall of 1970 she met Bill Clinton, an “orange haired Viking” who had the girls swooning. Bill was a returning Rhodes Scholar from 2 years abroad at Oxford University & Hillary and him had a mutual friend, Robert Reich, the dwarf, who then introduced them.
Bill & Hill at Yale

Bill Clinton began life as William Jefferson Blythe III on August 19, 1946, and he never knew the man listed on his birth certificate  as his biological father. Hard-drinking, womanizing W. J. Blythe II had gone through three wives—including a pair of sisters—before  he married Virginia Cassidy, a student nurse with a fondness for  garish lipstick, stiletto heels, and tight sweaters.

Blythe never bothered to tell his bride that he hadn’t taken the trouble to divorce his third wife. Therefore, the marriage that theoretically produced a  future President was invalid. 

 Back home in Hope, Arkansas, Wife Number Four (Bill’s Momma) was guarding secrets of     her own. After her husband shipped out for Europe with the 12th Battalion in 1943, Virginia returned to the wild life she had led before they married, dating old boyfriends and partying     until the early morning hours. Blythe returned from the war in December of 1945, and six weeks   ;ater Virginia announced that she was pregnant. (so who the real father is basically unknown).

On May  17, 1946, Blythe was speeding down Route 61 when he blew a tire, causing his midnight blue Buick to roll over. Pulling himself  from the wreckage, he collapsed in a drainage ditch—and drowned.  William J. Blythe III was born three months later. 

The first of many well timed deaths for the Clintons….the saga continues.