saints: Transfiguration of our Lord/ August 6th

Today FISH is allowed as we celebrate the Transfiguration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

In the icon of the Feast of the Transfiguration, Christ is the central figure in the ikona within a circular mandorla. His right hand is raised in blessing, and his left hand contains a scroll. The mandorla itself with its brilliant colors of white, gold, and blue represent divine glory and light. The halo around the head of Christ is inscribed with the Greek words O on, meaning “The One Who is”.

Elijah on the right hand side, and Moses, on the left holding the 10 Commandments, stand at the top of separate mountain peaks . They are bowing toward Christ with their right hands raised in a gesture of intercession. Saint John Chrysostom explains the presence of these two fathers from the Old Testament in three ways.

1. He states that they represent the Law and the Prophets (Moses received the Law from God, and Elijah was a great prophet);
2. they both experienced visions of God (Moses on Mount Sinai and Elijah on Mount Carmel);
3. and they represent the living and the dead (Elijah, the living, because he was taken up into heaven by a chariot of fire, and Moses, the dead, because he did experience death).

Below Christ are the three Apostles, who by their posture in the icon show their response to the transfiguration of Christ. James has fallen over backwards with his hands over his eyes. John in the center has fallen prostrate. Peter is kneeling and raises his right hand toward Christ in a gesture expressing his desire to build the three booths. The garments of the Apostles are in a state of disarray as to indicate the dramatic impact the vision has had on them.

The three Apostles who accompanied Christ to the mountain, Peter, John, and James, react to the vision of Christ’s Transfiguration and James reacts to the vision by falling to the ground and attempting to cover his eyes

The icon of the feast directs our attention toward the event of the Transfiguration and specifically to the glory of God as revealed in Christ. This event came at a critical point in the ministry of our Lord, just as He was setting out on His journey to Jerusalem. He would soon experience the humiliation, suffering, and death of the Cross. However, the glorious light of the Resurrection was revealed to strengthen His disciples for the trials that they would soon experience. But this feast is important because it also points to the great and glorious Second Coming of our Lord and the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God when all of creation will be transfigured and filled with light

You were transfigured on the Mount, Christ God revealing Your glory to Your disciples, insofar as they could comprehend. Illuminate us sinners also with Your everlasting light, through the intercessions of the Theotokos. Giver of light, glory to YOU.