The recount continues…no tampering found

President-elect Donald J. Trump is well into filling out his cabinet and picking key advisers but an extreme long shot to reverse his Electoral College majority — is advancing in the background,.  It started with Jill Stein of the Green Party that barely got 1% of the vote, and fellow Chicagoan Hillary Clinton chiming..

In Wisconsin, elections officials said on Monday that a recount of the state’s nearly three million votes would most likely begin on Thursday.

The Stein campaign said it planned to request a recount in Michigan on Wednesday.  It went official yesterday.

Neither Ms. Stein nor the Clinton campaign has found evidence of election tampering in any of the three states, where Mr. Trump beat Mrs. Clinton by a combined margin of only about 100,000 votes. But once Ms. Stein seized on the issue last week, the Clinton campaign said it, too, would join in the efforts to seek recounts. 

 Stein is getting lots of moulah for this recount and filling the GP treasury so they are happy. Clinton of course is a vampire and longs to win by any method available. Sounds like the two ladies have found one another.