The old site is still here

The custom domain expired today.  As I wrote i am not renewing but working on the new one.  Problem is transferring all of this to the WordPress site — Google will not allow that, anymore than it would allow me transferring all the data from to here.  You find out these things after a while — yes they are all free, but you can never leave.  Sort of like Hotel California, You can check in anytime.

But it gets better.

WordPress as my personal domain will not import WordPress as a public domain unless I hire someone to change the scripts and remove the limits– and you wonder why there is a whole army of WordPress programmers out there screaming for a job?  If i was younger and still programming, I guess this is something I would take up as a hobby and take care of my own, but I am not and to be honest learning a new language (PHP), programming and making the changes does not interest me.  I guess at some point I may have to rethink that attitude, but right now I’m happy.

And better still.

Now to hire and official WP Happiness Engineer, means I go to a WP approved host.  Well that’s out too, as we are on which is great for our business (Linux/BSD kernel work) but not WP approved.

I am thinking of keeping Anguish as a religious blog following my bible studies etc and making the new one, Glass Mirror, current events and Orthodox issues — pretty much as it is now.  I stay that as I do not think that the two are compatible, based on the hits on Anguish and the hits here.  Anguish ignores most of the Orthodox issues while Mirror people ignore the Bible comments — doesn’t seem to be the same crowd and they tell me that reader want things that they can rely on — i.e. always getting the same set of reading matter.

In the meantime, the new blog has hit some glitches as we work out all the issues of hosting on your own via going the total WP method.  Makes me realize why Typepad with $25.00 a month for umpteen blogs is such a winner — you cannot do that with WP on the free WP site — there is no bundling– , but you can put up multiples if you go privately — but that’s a lot of work.