Monday for the Holy Ghost, day after Pentecost

As it is the custom of the Church, on the day after every great Feast, we honour those through whom it came to pass, examples are:

  1. our Lady on the day after the Lord’s Nativity,
  2. Joachim and Anna after our Lady’s Nativity,
  3. the holy Baptist the day after Theophany, and so forth

So it no surprise, that today we honour our God the All-holy Spirit, the Comforter , who is promised by our Saviour to His disciples (John 14:16), and Who descended upon them at holy Pentecost and guided them “into all truth” (ibid. 16:13), and as He did, through them, us.

The ikona today is shows the dove that was shown to Christ at his baptism by St. John the Baptist, resting on the Throne to the Altar.  Ikons always two dimensional can be of Christ, the Saints, Angels, important Biblical events, parables, or events in the history of the Church.

Rest from labour.  A holiday to refresh oneself.

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