Job on life

Job xiii. verses 1-2“Man, born of woman, lives but a few days, 2 and they are nothing but trouble.  2 He grows up like a flower in a beautiful meadow, and then just as suddenly, withers away; ”

On a bad day, it does feel like that, on a good one, it’s just like heaven. but still  I thought of this today, as a friend of a friend died suddenly.  His girlfriend — she was the friend — moved in with him at Christmas and I did not recommend it.  I had told her, that I thought her giving up her condo was a mistake, as things “happen” and having it was good insurance.
Ramona as spoilt child

Ramona hit the ceiling, swore a blue streak and said that was ridiculous.  I replied that the condo was paid in full, and could be used at least for a studio; Ramona is an artist.  More swearing, more yelling and I shut up, as I realized that this was going nowhere.

Ramona moved in after Christmas.  Everyone was happy and there was talk of a wedding perhaps in Spring.  They were together a week — yes just a week, when James suddenly of a heart attack at the tender age of 49.
I was stunned when she posted all of this on Facebook, though Ramona neglected that they were together a week, she rather hinted that they had been together a “long time.”  Well I guess if you count just the steady dating.  Still, the announcement was via Facebook as though telling people via the this  electronic Daddy is our new telegraph — I guess for some it is, but I think it is so cold and impersonal.  But what do I know.
I was not invited to the funeral, I hesitantly showed up at the wake but did not sign in and saw that James’ parents were being supportive, at least for the meantime.  Who knows how long that will last.  in the meantime, Ramona is back in her condo.
As for the Job quote, it’s amazing these things you find in the Bible, I think I should look more.

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