Christo, the movie

The movie is a documentary about Christo, yes that is his real name, the installation artist. I was interested as i had walked the Gates in Central Park several years ago, so I was curious about the man and his art.

It seems he was a real artist at one time but someone along the way he got this idea of large architectural installations. He does not really explain that transformation which would have been interesting it itself, but instead concentrates on the current piece.

The first 40 minutes is rather interesting seeing how Christo is inspired by the landscapes to create his installation, but the actual installation is dull. He argues with the team, none which I thought were engineers just tradesman, until finally they give in and do it his way and see if it works. I did not see the point of the argument actually, I guess everyone wants to be the hero. One interesting thing in the movie was Christo talking to children about being an artist. He tells them, “An artist does not retire. How could he? His life is filled with passion and continues creating until he dies.” That is probably true of anyone who truly loves their work — my doctor uncle said the same at 93.

The Yellow Robed Road

Well the installation goes in and what would you know? More saffron coloured fabric this time going up as a land bridge between the mainland and an island on Lake Iseo, Italy. It is very large and very wide and very dull. Since it is a short term gig walking it is of course adventurous though there has to be some trepidation about falling into the lake and drowning. After that there is the party and I tuned out as they went onto Colorado.

I didn’t watch it, but I know that there was a powder keg with the Left and the President fighting it out on who can do what to Federal Property. In the end Christo decided to walk away from the Colorado project — what was supposed to be a silvery canopy suspended temporarily over 42 miles of the Arkansas River — because the terrain was federally owned i.e .the people of the United States, who had elected Donald Trump.

The proposed “artistic” vision

So Christo is another Leftist that does not respect the American vote. of course the New York Times supports this but they are 35% owned by a Mexican overlord, Carlos Slim, so I am not sure why anyone is listening.

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