Christo, the movie

The movie is a documentary about Christo, yes that is his real name, the installation artist. I was interested as i had walked the Gates in Central Park several years ago, so I was curious about the man and his art. It seems he was a real artist at one time but someone along the … Continue reading Christo, the movie

Toasting Kleopatra

Drink Your Vinegar from the Farmer’s Almanac Drinking vinegars — also called shrub syrups – have been around for centuries. In the ancient Middle East shrub syrups (called sharāb) were created as a means to purify water through the addition of vinegar. Vinegar is the base for all shrub syrups. Any vinegar containing at least … Continue reading Toasting Kleopatra

Movie: As Good as it Gets

As Good as It Gets 7-21-2013 The Roger Ebert film site reviewed this back in 1997, read it here, but I did not catch it then though I think my mother and her friend Eileen did. They liked it which may be why I decided to try it now. So, finally I got to see … Continue reading Movie: As Good as it Gets