Moab … the hat

Moab, n. [‘ A kind of hat shaped like a turban.’] Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈməʊab/,  U.S. /ˈmoʊæb/ Etymology:Humorously < the name of Moab (see Moabite adj. and n.) occurring in the biblical phrase ‘Moab is my washpot’ (Psalm 60:8 and 108:9, where David compares the subjugated nation of Moab to a vessel used for washing the feet). In sense 1 with reference to the pot-like shape of … Continue reading Moab … the hat

Obit: Thomas Tierney, paper doll artist, dies at 85

Thomas Tierney, age 85 dies on July 12 2014.Tom Tierney, who quite by accident found fame and fortune dressing — and undressing — notables from George Washington to Greta Garbo to Pope John Paul II, died on July 12 at his home in Smithville, Tex. The cause was lung cancer, Kathy O'Tierney, his niece, said … Continue reading Obit: Thomas Tierney, paper doll artist, dies at 85

Freedom of Religion in violation of Maine State Law

Longtime volunteer co-leaders of Bowdoin Christian Fellowship, Robert Gregory and his wife Sim, who operated the group under InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, resigned rather than submit to a new school policy requiring their pledge not to discriminate based on “sexual orientation.”Mr Gregory, a lawyer,  explained: “The Bible teaches that human sexuality is expected to find its … Continue reading Freedom of Religion in violation of Maine State Law

Solitary Confinement on the way out

Solitary Confinement on the way out New York State has agreed to sweeping changes that will curtail the widespread use of solitary confinement to punish prison infractions, according to court papers filed on Wednesday. Under the agreement, New York becomes the largest prison system in the United States to bar the use of solitary confinement for … Continue reading Solitary Confinement on the way out

Ranking a College by whether a Graduate gets a job

Harvey Mudd College Students of Harvey Mudd College walking to their graduation ceremony. There is a growing nationwide movement toward quantifying the outcomes of college education based on economic factors like income and employment. By JAMES B. STEWART Published: September 13, 2013 247 Comments U.S. News & World Report released its eagerly anticipated annual rankings … Continue reading Ranking a College by whether a Graduate gets a job

Did you hear…on Facebook and chatter

"Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies." - Oliver Goldsmith I would agree with that. In fact just recently my cousin Olga said the same thing  that I say regarding them in relation to me:  they know little about my life, I thought that funny. I guess that's true  compared to them, … Continue reading Did you hear…on Facebook and chatter

The LRB on the Benandante

Anthony Pagden The Night Battles: Witchcraft and Agrarian Cults in the 16th and 17th Centuries by Carlo Ginzburg, translated by John Tedeschi and Anne Tedeschi Routledge, 209 pp, £9.95, November 1983, ISBN 0 7100 9507 4 In the mountainous district of Friuli in Northern Italy there were good witches and bad, ‘good walkers’ (benandanti) and … Continue reading The LRB on the Benandante

Being Benandante — a good walkers

I saw this on LRB and then searched some more on's what told me...Witchcraft in Italy Carlo Ginzburg, Night Battles , and the BenandantiIn the 1960's, Carlo Ginzburg made the discovery that many historians dream of, In the Archepiscopal archives of Udine, in the north eastern Italian province of Udine, He found a series … Continue reading Being Benandante — a good walkers

Update on Kinkade

Wife of 'Painter of Light' Thomas Kinkade seeks restraining order against his girlfriend The brother of Thomas Kinkade says the renowned painter's alcohol relapse may have contributed to his sudden death. NBC's Mike Taibbi reports. There's a new twist in the aftermath of the death of Thomas Kinkade, the artist called the "Painter of Light." … Continue reading Update on Kinkade