Kimisis August 15th

Eleni Sakellis August 15, 2017 The Panagia and Christ Child icon. Photo by Eleni Sakellis NEW YORK – The Kimisis tis Theotokou or the Dormition of the Theotokos on August 15, is also known as the Pascha of Summer, celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, when the Holy Mother of Jesus Christ and therefore, the … Continue reading Kimisis August 15th

Lovely church in So. Africa

UK firm steyn studio has completed the design of a chapel in south africa’s western cape province. set within a vineyard, the building’s sculptural form mirrors the outline of the surrounding mountain ranges, while simultaneously referencing the region’s distinctive cape dutch architecture. noticeably designed without a traditional spire, the roof canopy has been constructed from … Continue reading Lovely church in So. Africa

Our Lady of Loreto in Brooklyn

 The New York Times reported back in August that the RC Church, Our Lady of Loreto in Brooklyn will be closed.  No surprise there as the RC church is looking to downsize in their stronghold of American cities, as Roman Catholics have fled the cities following the Protestants forty years earlier. What's sad is the … Continue reading Our Lady of Loreto in Brooklyn

Churches: Russian Byzantine Catholic

St John the Baptist, his name day is today.Across the street, I guess sorta diagonally, is the Russian Byzantine Catholic Church.  If that designation is unfamiliar to you, then you must not live in Pennsylvania.  All of their  churches are listed as located in this state, and it is one of the largest reasons that despite … Continue reading Churches: Russian Byzantine Catholic

Churches: Cathedral of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic. It is on the southeast coast of the island of Hispaniola, at the mouth of the Ozama River.It is also the oldest permanent city established by Europeans in the Western Hemisphere & the seat of the oldest Roman Catholic archbishopric in the Americas.It was founded in … Continue reading Churches: Cathedral of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Coptic Orthodox and Egypt

The vast majority of Egyptians are now Muslims, forcibly converted over the centures from Coptic Christianity but some have held on with varying degrees of political and economic power over the centuries because of  their once  dominant position.  Many converted though as the Moslems started to win and gain more territory through jihad &  so … Continue reading Coptic Orthodox and Egypt

Slices: Easter at Perdido Bay church

I've been known to tell ministers and priests that they ought to update their musical repertoire to bring youngsters in.  My point is that when Bach and Beethoven hit the churches 400 & 200 years ago respectively, they were the "current" musical scene. Now they are as old as Grandma's 1959 Edsel and just as rad. … Continue reading Slices: Easter at Perdido Bay church

News: Jury indicts PA RC diocese

Of course the article is from the New York Times.  They live to insult the Catholic Chuch with a vehemence that goes beyond the rational.  The jury found that the diocese had 50 (yes Fifty) molesting young boys but how young they are is never said in the story.  Frankly I find the whole scandal … Continue reading News: Jury indicts PA RC diocese

Lutheran Church in Ankeny IA wins AIA design award

The Lutheran Church of Hope in Ankeny, Iowa has won a prestigious AIA design award. The site and structure is organized at an angle to the grid of the city, so as to create an open relationship to the street while the sloping site allows the entire facility to be accessible to lower level adjacent … Continue reading Lutheran Church in Ankeny IA wins AIA design award