Slices: Easter at Perdido Bay church

I've been known to tell ministers and priests that they ought to update their musical repertoire to bring youngsters in.  My point is that when Bach and Beethoven hit the churches 400 & 200 years ago respectively, they were the "current" musical scene. Now they are as old as Grandma's 1959 Edsel and just as rad. … Continue reading Slices: Easter at Perdido Bay church

News: Jury indicts PA RC diocese

Of course the article is from the New York Times.  They live to insult the Catholic Chuch with a vehemence that goes beyond the rational.  The jury found that the diocese had 50 (yes Fifty) molesting young boys but how young they are is never said in the story.  Frankly I find the whole scandal … Continue reading News: Jury indicts PA RC diocese

Lutheran Church in Ankeny IA wins AIA design award

The Lutheran Church of Hope in Ankeny, Iowa has won a prestigious AIA design award. The site and structure is organized at an angle to the grid of the city, so as to create an open relationship to the street while the sloping site allows the entire facility to be accessible to lower level adjacent … Continue reading Lutheran Church in Ankeny IA wins AIA design award

Architecture: RC Church in Spain now Roler Rink

It seems that lack of a congregation, has turned this venerable old church in Llanera Spain into a skateboarders paradise.  There is little on the original church's design or age in the article.  It's basically all pictures of the new look.It definitely is colorful enough and whole redo was sponsored by that high caffeine drink … Continue reading Architecture: RC Church in Spain now Roler Rink

Lviv Ukraine

 Lviv has had many names:  in Polish it's Lwów, German Lemberg, Russian Lvov. Now it is part of the western Ukraine, on the Roztochchya Upland. It was founded in the mid-13th century by Prince Daniel Romanovich of Galicia, and historically been the chief centre of Galicia, that region that now separates Ukraine and Poland.Its geographical position controls … Continue reading Lviv Ukraine

Coptic Egyptian texts found in Oz

Archaeology Today is reporting that a 20 page codex  ( an unbound manuscript of ancient classical texts) has been found written in Coptic Egyptian, in a museum in Australia.  If nothing else this is  more proof that that Coptic and not Arabic is the natural language of Egypt.The  1300 year old codex mixes Orthodox Christian … Continue reading Coptic Egyptian texts found in Oz

Matisse’s Church

y E.A. CARMEAN JR.Michel BARET/Gamma-Rapho via Getty ImagesThe chapel is arguably the greatest religious art and architecture project of the 20th century.Jesus' Parable of the Mustard Seed, with its imagery of a seed growing into a plant big enough for birds to perch in, is often seen as foretelling the growth of Christianity. Arguably the greatest … Continue reading Matisse’s Church

The Egyptian Copts

Where do Copts fit in Egyptian society?Share on TwitterThe vast majority of Egyptians are Muslims, but Coptic Christians have held varying degrees of political and economic power over the centuries as previously they were the dominant religion until Islam swept through the region, and made the Christian Copts servants who had to pay "dhimmi" or … Continue reading The Egyptian Copts

Walking to Church by Rockwell

Walking to Church, the illustration above, is one of the many things that the family of the Saturday Evening Post, will be selling at auction as well as “Saying Grace,” & “The Gossips”Of Rockwell’s 322 covers for The Post, the three images were particularly popular. “Saying Grace” — a crowded restaurant with a boy and … Continue reading Walking to Church by Rockwell