PsychoSabbaton, Soul Saturday

  Today is one of the two Saturday of the Souls i.e. those who have fallen asleep.         On this Saturday,  and the last one of the Great Pascha for tomorrow is Ascension, that Eastern Orthodox Christians have memorial services for their reposed family either by paying  respect to them  either by going to the … Continue reading PsychoSabbaton, Soul Saturday

John of Reading

John of Reading wrote O Come O Ye Faithful which most of us remember as Adeste Fideles, which is how it was originally rendered way back in the 14th Century.  I don't really know the Latin words outside of the first stanza, I am not Catholic, but I do remember hearing it as a child … Continue reading John of Reading

Reblogged…Trees of Pentecost

My annual posting for the feast of Pentecost: From the Feast The arrogance of building the tower in the days of old led to the confusion of tongues. Now the glory of the knowledge of God brings them wisdom. There God condemned the impious for their transgression. Here Christ has enlightened the fishermen by the … Continue reading Reblogged…Trees of Pentecost

Will the real St. Nick please standup ?

The reign of Constantine proved to be a turning point in history. The Edict of Milan helped transform Christianity from a persecuted religion into a popular faith. Christianity spread faster than ever before. Jesus’s message offered comfort in a world full of peril and suffering. His call to love God and neighbor gave meaning to … Continue reading Will the real St. Nick please standup ?