The Art of Living with Others

The Art of Living with Others.The fireside jars, the tea-table tempests, and the every-day laborings in too many family circles, are proof that the art of living with others is imperfectly understood, and still more imperfectly practiced. The evolutions of patience and temper, the constant manceuverings of affections and jealousy, kindness and coldness, humility and … Continue reading The Art of Living with Others

The Friendship Trap

             " The friendships of the world are often confederacies in vice, or what we  politely  term "leagues of pleasure".  Nothing can lead you astray like a "friend".                   California Farmer and Journal of Useful Sciences, Volume 3, March 1855

Poetry: The Mother’s Hand

THE MOTHER'S HAND.A wandering orphan child was I— Meanly, at the best, attired;For oh ! my mother scarce could buy The common food each week required;But when the anxious day had fled. It seemed to be her dearest joy,To press her pale hand on my head,And pray that God would guide her boy.More each winter, Stern suffering … Continue reading Poetry: The Mother’s Hand

The Bowyer Bible

From the California Farmer -- May 1856 A Valuable Bible.—At a recent sale in England of the library of a deceased gentleman named John Albinson. Boston, a Bible that cost, with the oak cabinet containing it, for the sum of four thousand guineas. and sold under the hammer for five hundred and fifty pounds sterling. … Continue reading The Bowyer Bible