Goodness and Kindess really are good for you

If you ever needed proof that Science wants to dethrone God, Scientific American among others, are full of it. This one of course is a no brainer, but there are people out there proving that it is I always say, the more I know of science, the more I believe in God.She opens her … Continue reading Goodness and Kindess really are good for you


As most of us know from the song about the partridge and the pear tree, there are twelve days of Christmas. The season ends on January 6, traditionally celebrated as the day when the three wise men arrived in Bethlehem with those gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. In Elizabethan England the last night of … Continue reading Christmastide

Brussels at Christmas

BRUSSELS’S GRAND PLACE CHRISTMAS MARKET BRUSSELS, BELGIUMOne of Europe’s most impressive plazas, Brussels’s Grand Place is home to a procession of festivals and events throughout the year,but becomes an extravaganza for Christmas shoppers.  My brother who lived there for several years, thought it was the tops.

The Ames Bros. for Christmas

You can hear it here , but  it was originally a poem by Tom T. Hall in 1881.  The musical version was somewhat updated for the Ames Bros version. I will be updating it as I catch the lyrics if you can help me out that would be great.Jolly old St. Nicholas, Lean your ear this … Continue reading The Ames Bros. for Christmas

Jews for Christmas Songs

The Ames Brothers have the distinction of being only one of seven recording artists that have multiple albums on two different record labels in the 1st Tier of the Yule Log's Top 500 (albums 1-125) the 1957 Coral Records LP The Sounds Of Christmas Harmony (#106) and the 1957 RCA Records LP There'll Always Be … Continue reading Jews for Christmas Songs

A Midwinter’s Tune; the Huron’s Song

The lyrics were written by Jesse Edgar Middleton who was born Wellington County, Ontario, November 3, 1872, died May 27, 1960, in Toronto, Ont.  He was a member of the  United Church and while trained as teacher, he turned to journalism in 1895 wherein he became Montreal Herald's correspondent in Quebec.It was during this time … Continue reading A Midwinter’s Tune; the Huron’s Song

Catching up to Christmas

I'm sorry to get out so late but I'got waylaid with pneumonia for New Year's; I think that this is the second time in this ten year span and the third overall.  I did post on that great day, but my last post was not published here but instead sent to my cousins, and like … Continue reading Catching up to Christmas