Freedom of Religion in violation of Maine State Law

Longtime volunteer co-leaders of Bowdoin Christian Fellowship, Robert Gregory and his wife Sim, who operated the group under InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, resigned rather than submit to a new school policy requiring their pledge not to discriminate based on “sexual orientation.”Mr Gregory, a lawyer,  explained: “The Bible teaches that human sexuality is expected to find its … Continue reading Freedom of Religion in violation of Maine State Law

Lee Rigby: update

The Major update is the killers of the British Soldier, Lee Rigby,  who was "beheaded" at Easter have been founded guilty. The PM is weighing whether the Death Penalty, Hear Hear!, should be instated for this "the most heinous" of crimes.  I agree.  The Bible is very clear that murderers (killers who are hostile) should face … Continue reading Lee Rigby: update

Did you hear…on Facebook and chatter

"Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies." - Oliver Goldsmith I would agree with that. In fact just recently my cousin Olga said the same thing  that I say regarding them in relation to me:  they know little about my life, I thought that funny. I guess that's true  compared to them, … Continue reading Did you hear…on Facebook and chatter

Intelligent Design

It seems that the word "creationism" is out because of very bad denotations with that one and Intelligent Design is in.  I'm not sure I like Intelligent Design any better than Creationism to be honest.  My father who was a very religious man and an engineer was a Creationist. Most people I meet are evolutionists, … Continue reading Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design, Creationism and Missouri

The question here is that the new Missouri Amendment implies that Creationism is given short shrift in the education system and that Christians are being persecuted for those beliefs. Incredibly on this poll that I just took, the YES or the agreement to the above was always in the minority with typically Republicans agreeing.  The … Continue reading Intelligent Design, Creationism and Missouri