Judges 8: The Denouement of Gideon

Returning home the Israelites are happy with Gideon and offer him kingship.  He surprisingly turn this down and tells them that only the Lord should be their ruler but he never pays tribute the Lord for his victories.  Instead he says nothing about the Lord's help.  Instead Gideon asks his tribesman  for tribute:  one gold earring … Continue reading Judges 8: The Denouement of Gideon

Judges vi: Pleading for mercy

Israelites hid in the caves in the mountains with little to eat as the Midianites destroyed their herds (camels not cows, remembering this is the desert), flocks (sheep) and crops, and  they cried to the Lord Jehovah and asked for deliverance and mercy. Times are so bad that even when processing the wheat, one has … Continue reading Judges vi: Pleading for mercy