Menorah in Lofoten, Norway

              from Erez: I was lucky enough to capture this 'Menorah' over the eye of Utakleiv, while visiting the Lofoten  in northern Norway. There is a lot more in Lofoten, and  I urge you to look it up, as it's a wonderful photographic location for any season. It might … Continue reading Menorah in Lofoten, Norway


Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1  NIV Karen began the marathon filled with confidence. She had been training for months. She knew the course well and trusted her body. The weather was perfect. But ninety minutes later, she was overcome with a fatigue like none she had ever … Continue reading Perserverance…

Serendipity …from Daily Wisdom

A glad heart maketh a cheerful countenance… Proverbs 15:13, American Standard Version Can you remember the last time you laughed in wild abandon? Better yet, when was the last time you did something fun, outrageous, or out of the ordinary? Perhaps it is an activity you haven’t done since you were a child, like slip … Continue reading Serendipity …from Daily Wisdom

The sickle sword of Assyrian king Adad-nirari I.

The sickle sword of Assyrian king Adad-nirari I.Dates to ca. 1307–1275 B.C., northern Mesopotamia, 54.3 cm long, and made of bronze.This curved sword bears the cuneiform inscription “Palace of Adad-nirari, king of the universe, son of Arik-den-ili, king of Assyria, son of Enlil-nirari, king of Assyria,” indicating that it was the property of the Middle Assyrian king Adad-nirari I … Continue reading The sickle sword of Assyrian king Adad-nirari I.