Are The Gideons related to the Judge Gideon?

The short answer is Yes.   So why are they the Gideons? The organization, The Gideons International,  takes its name from the Biblical figure Gideon, depicted in Judges 6. They are traditional, evangelical Christians and believe and teach the basics of orthodox Christian doctrine. They began their work distributing free Bibles in 1908 by placing … Continue reading Are The Gideons related to the Judge Gideon?

Recapping Judges 8…so far

With the two kings slain, Gideon & Israel are victorious. Obviously troubling is Gideon’s taking of booty ; problematic is his comment about the battle at Tabor. There is little I can find that even explorers that comment, most just write it off as a non-sequitor, but we just did have a battle at Tabor … Continue reading Recapping Judges 8…so far

Judges 8: Pursuing Zebah and Zalmunna

Next we find the 2 Midianite Kings in Karkor with their greatly diminished armies.  Gideon wages a surprise attack and conquers them.  He is incredibly dogged in their pursuit and finally at 8:18 we learn why. “Describe for me the men you killed at Tabor.” Gideon demands.    “They were like you. Each one looked like … Continue reading Judges 8: Pursuing Zebah and Zalmunna

Judges 8: Gideon goes to Penuel

From Succoth, Gideon goes up the Jabbok, now the Arabic Zarqa River (see the map below) to Penuel (Peniel from is the same place).   The two towns  are close in distance, about five and half miles away, but despite this being the place where Jacob met Yahweh and became Israel (Genesis 32:30), they too say … Continue reading Judges 8: Gideon goes to Penuel

Judges 8: Gideon goes to Succoth

The 8th chapter in the Book of Judges starts out poorly.  The Ephraimites whine that they were called last which is probably just that they want recognition from the great judge himself and Gideon smartly gives it to them in 8:3 3 God has delivered into your hand the princes of Midian, Oreb and Zeeb! … Continue reading Judges 8: Gideon goes to Succoth

Book of Judges: 7 Dreams

As the Lord realizes that Gideon is not very courageous nor the strongest in his faith, so he charitably awakens Gideon that night and tells him to take his manservant Purah (pronounced Pooh-rah and meaning branch) and  go into the heart of the Midianite camp to listen and observe.  The Lord promises Gideon that he … Continue reading Book of Judges: 7 Dreams

Book of Judges 7: The 300

In Judges 7 we see that Gideon's trumpet has brought forth all the man of Abiezer and then some. 2 And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people that are with thee are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, “Mine own hand hath … Continue reading Book of Judges 7: The 300

Judges 6: Gideon’s Trumpet

Filled with the spirit of the Lord, Gideon blows his trumpet calling all the men of Abiezer out in force. At the same time the  Midianites and their allies prepared for their annual invasion and pillaging and had gathered their allies in the valley of Jezreel  (Hebrew for God will sow) which is about  235 … Continue reading Judges 6: Gideon’s Trumpet

Judges 6: Dreams

While Gideon was brave and obedient enough to build an altar, he remains immobile to the Lord's instructions and continues about his business despite that there is a Baal consecration in his own house. From the various things I have read, Baal having an altar at Joash's house was uncommon and meant that Joash was … Continue reading Judges 6: Dreams

Judges Chapter 6, The Midianites are in Control

Last we saw there was singing and jubilation in Judges with Deborah and Barak singing the Triumphal poem,  Song of Deborah.  But nothing lasts forever and in the next chapter, six,  evil has corrupted the hearts and minds of the Israelites once again and the Midianites  have conquered them. The Midianites are descended from Abraham … Continue reading Judges Chapter 6, The Midianites are in Control