Gleason Ledyard gets encouragement

When Gleason met his wife, Kathryn  he knew right off, that she was the right one but when he proposed, he added a condition:   Would she be willing  to live in an igloo? Kathryn took 19 weeks to think about that one and  she concluded   she  preferred   living  with  him  in an igloo to living … Continue reading Gleason Ledyard gets encouragement

Gleason Ledyard’s early call

There isn't much out there on Gleason Ledyard, the translator for the New Life Bible.  There is a PDF on the Wikipedia page but in case that gets destroyed or lost, I've copied it.  Here is the translation's copyright page. Ledyard, Gleason H., Eskimos. Hardcover edition. Canby, Oregon:  published by Christian  Literature  International,  1999. Ledyard, … Continue reading Gleason Ledyard’s early call