Medieval Christian Chapel unearthed

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Ghazali Monastery, Sudan

  Along the east wall of the al-Ghazali monastery in Northern Sudan near the Nile River, Polish archaeologists, Szymon Maślak & Dr. Grzegorz Ochała, both from the University of Warsaw, excavated a row of 15 toilets.  Sounds dicey but it is an important discovery  because " nowhere else in Nubia has such a large sanitary … Continue reading Ghazali Monastery, Sudan

Grief and Art

By PETER PLAGENS Il Rosso Fiorentino's hands-down masterpiece, a 12-foot-tall "Deposition" painted in 1521, is located somewhat pleasantly off the beaten track in the Tuscan hilltop town of Volterra. It's an easy day trip from either Siena or Florence. The arch-topped painting resides in the quiet Pinacoteca Comunale, which even in the summer, when tourists wander … Continue reading Grief and Art