It’s tough be a Christian in…Dublin, Ireland

CHRISTIAN JOURNALIST 'CAN'T SLEEP, LOST 14 LBS, AND MAY "CHRISTIAN WRITER TO LEAVE CITY' AFTER THREATS BY GAY MARRIAGE ADVOCATESThe Republic of Ireland, once a rock-solid Christian country, has now become so intolerant of Christian beliefs that its leading opponent of gay marriage, John Waters, may be forced to leave the country because of fears … Continue reading It’s tough be a Christian in…Dublin, Ireland

St. Patriachus, Enlightener of Eire

March 17 Saint Patrick, the Apostle of the Irish, came to Ireland where he found so much reknown, by force.  He was seized from his native Britain by Irish marauders when he was sixteen years old.  He was the  son of a deacon and a grandson of a priest, it was not until his captivity … Continue reading St. Patriachus, Enlightener of Eire