What is a Myrrh-Bearer?

In the post on St Mary Magdalene, I wrote that the Saint "returned to Jerusalem together with the other Myrrh-bearers,".  But what are they ?  And what was the purpose of this ritual? Well Myrrh-Bearer is the name given to the women, including His Mother,  that were present at Christ's passion and then went to the … Continue reading What is a Myrrh-Bearer?

The Judge Shamgar

Who is Shamgar?  Besides being the third Judge of Israel what else do we know about? He was a labouring man, a tiller of the ground, and it is thought that on account of the exploit recorded of him in the text he was raised to dignity. According to the Song of Deborah (Judges v. … Continue reading The Judge Shamgar

Sin of Peor, Joshua 22

New Life Version, Joshua 22: 17 “All the people of the Lord say, ‘What sin is this that you have done against the God of Israel? You have turned away from following the Lord this day, by building yourselves an altar. Today you have gone against the Lord. 17 Is not the sin of Peor … Continue reading Sin of Peor, Joshua 22