Is their geological proof of the Flood?

I happened to find this book review from my notes.. It is from 1999 London Book Review. I belonged for years having gotten sick of the Times reviews and wanting to step out and then just as erratically, left.Noah's Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries about the Event that Changed History by William Ryan and Walter … Continue reading Is their geological proof of the Flood?

Atrahasis, the Babylonian Flood

Short Cuts by Marina Warnerfrom the London Review of Books, April 2014Most ancient stories of the Flood,  the gods are annoyed by humans making a racket and keeping them up at all hours: these gods are unreconstructed adults who don't hold with negotiating but relish inflicting punishment, while humans are lawless, partying teenagers.The poem Atrahasis, … Continue reading Atrahasis, the Babylonian Flood