Ron Clarke, Australian Olympian, reposes

Ron Clarke will be forever known as the best athlete never to win an Olympic gold medal. He maintained his connection with sport all through his life: as mayor of the Australian Gold Coast, his adopted home, from 2004-2012, he played a key part in securing the 2018 Commonwealth Games for that region. A  distance runner … Continue reading Ron Clarke, Australian Olympian, reposes

Unbroken Zamperini, obit Age 97

Louis Zamperini was announced dead in May 1943; but that was wrong.  Finally the odds caught up with him and he died today, July 14, 2014 after dealing with the atrocities of a Japanese War camp.  He credits, on his website, his Olympic training;  he was in the 1936 Olympiad for Track and Field.   … Continue reading Unbroken Zamperini, obit Age 97