Saint Marina

I post this today, because my sister’s best friend is Marina and I never knew it was a nickname for Margaret. Reading from the Synaxarion:  Aghia Marina lived during the reign of Claudius II (268-270). She was from Pisidia of Cilicia and the only daughter of a  pagan priest. On being orphaned by her mother, … Continue reading Saint Marina

Welcome May, and a Celebration of Jeremiah

Today on May 1st, we honor the prophet Jeremiah or Jeremias as we say in Greek. The  great Prophet of God, Jeremias, who loved his brethren and lamented for them greatly, who prayed much for the people and the Holy City, was the son of Helkias of the tribe of Levi, from the city of … Continue reading Welcome May, and a Celebration of Jeremiah

What ever happened to Lazarus?

​According to ancient tradition, Lazarus was thirty years old when the Lord raised him; and from that date, he lived another thirty years on island of Cyprus until he finally fell asleep  in the Lord. Also it is said, that Lazarus never laughed till the end of his life except for one time , when he … Continue reading What ever happened to Lazarus?

The Fifth Sunday of Lent — St Mary of Egypt

On the Fifth Sunday of Lent the Orthodox Church commemorates our Righteous mother, Mary of Egypt because it is never too late to repent. Although her feast day (1 April) is the day of her repose, it is also commemorated today because she is a model of repentance. This year because of Pascha falling early, … Continue reading The Fifth Sunday of Lent — St Mary of Egypt

St. Patriachus, Enlightener of Eire

March 17 Saint Patrick, the Apostle of the Irish, came to Ireland where he found so much reknown, by force.  He was seized from his native Britain by Irish marauders when he was sixteen years old.  He was the  son of a deacon and a grandson of a priest, it was not until his captivity … Continue reading St. Patriachus, Enlightener of Eire