Alphadictionary: Sin

from alphadictionary: SINPronunciation: sinPart of Speech: NounMeaning: 1. A violation of religious principle. 2. Something regarded as utterly wrong, shameful, deplorable.Notes: Today's word may be used as a mass noun (no plural), as in, "Sin pervades the planet." It may also be used as a count noun, "God will forgive us all our sins."Don't confuse … Continue reading Alphadictionary: Sin

Troubles, Misfortune and Illness

While this quote from Bible is about congential blindness, apply it to a multitude of problems that you face...illness, poverty, prejudice, and you will see how it applies there as well and realize how much you have to pray for guidance and follow through to overcome those problems.   "Rabbi," his disciples asked him, "why … Continue reading Troubles, Misfortune and Illness