Slavery vs Worker in Job.

Job alludes to the slave (in the Hebrew slave is the word--eved) and discriminates between him, and the hireling—(saickeer.) Job vii.-2.  This is really the only time the Isaelites are mentioned as having "slaves" themselves.  Previously this custom was a wild notion, slaves having slaves?  But it shows up here, which is considered chronologically, thought … Continue reading Slavery vs Worker in Job.

Epictetus on Who is really the slave

If you want to improve, reject such reasoning as these: “If I neglect my affairs, I’ll have no income; if I don't correct my servant, he will be bad.” For it is better to die with hunger, exempt from grief and fear, than to live in affluence with perturbation; and it is better your servant … Continue reading Epictetus on Who is really the slave