Most Powerful Prayers…#2

Beats me why this isn't #1.  Jesus tells us that this is How to Pray and this book makes it #2.  Oh well, let's continue on.... Matthew 6:vi When you pray, go into your [most] private room, and, closing the door, pray to your Father, Who is in secret; and your Father, Who sees in … Continue reading Most Powerful Prayers…#2

Good Friday: The sentence

St. Matthew 27: 1 Jesus Is Taken to Pilate 27 Early in the morning all the chief priests and the elders made their plans against Jesus to put him to death. 2 They put him in chains, led him off, and handed him over to Pilate, the Roman governor. The Death of Judas 3 When Judas, the traitor, … Continue reading Good Friday: The sentence

Good Friday: Matthew 27 and St Elijah

I think the Voice is a good modern translation of the Bible.  I'm going thru the New Testament in I think 40 days with them, via email, and here's one chapter, so perhaps you will be interested as well.  I pulled this one as it came up on St. Elias (Elijah's) name day but my … Continue reading Good Friday: Matthew 27 and St Elijah

Will the real St. Nick please standup ?

The reign of Constantine proved to be a turning point in history. The Edict of Milan helped transform Christianity from a persecuted religion into a popular faith. Christianity spread faster than ever before. Jesus’s message offered comfort in a world full of peril and suffering. His call to love God and neighbor gave meaning to … Continue reading Will the real St. Nick please standup ?