Books: How God makes us Better

Why humans find it hard to do away with religion By John Gray An American scientist visiting the home of Niels Bohr, the Nobel Prize-winning Danish physicist and refugee from Nazism who was a leading figure in the Manhattan Project, which produced the atomic bomb, was surprised to discover a horseshoe hanging over Bohr’s desk: … Continue reading Books: How God makes us Better

Napoleon Hill’s 12 steps to success

Steps to successHow to succeed: Follow these 12 steps (adapted from Napoleon Hill)1. Write down exactly what you want to accomplish and why. Figure out what you have right now to make that happen.2. Figure out what you need and then go back to #2 and see which of your talents you are not fully … Continue reading Napoleon Hill’s 12 steps to success

ex nihil, nihil fit

Ex nihilo, nihil fit, that nothing can come out of nothing. This is a popular line...that nothing can come out of nothing and so how does one explain creation?The skeptics argue that since the Law of Conservation of Matter, that nothing can come out of nothing but can only be transformed into another, that God … Continue reading ex nihil, nihil fit

Where is Abaddon?

Abaddon —  or destruction in Hebrew.  This  is regarded as the  personification of the idea of destruction, or as sheol, i.e. the realm of the dead.11 The king who ruled them was the angel from the bottomless pit. In Hebrew he is called Abaddon, in Greek he is called Apollyon." Revelations 9:11, Names of God Bible

Books on Cults from Realms of Faith

Books about Cults and Cultic MovementsAs this is from another blog, and an old one that is now just found via the WayBack Archives, so I cannot personally vouch for these books, but it seems like a good blog,  and I think if you are snowbound and want to read somethings, this may be a … Continue reading Books on Cults from Realms of Faith

Rome, Temple of Saturn

The 4th century AD Temple of Saturn is situated in the north west corner of the Forum.  It has just has eight majestic columns of Egyptian granite, still standing.   The temple was built in honour of the Roman God Saturn, whose role was that of being a major agricultural god, of seed sowing..  His  Greek … Continue reading Rome, Temple of Saturn

With His Name on their Lips

Published on Christianity Today is an incredible story of devout Christians. When you read this, do you think you could do the same or is this something you feel "other people" do where ever they live, but you do not need to in yours?America is a supposedly safe Christian country, yet more and more people … Continue reading With His Name on their Lips

Marx: Identifying the Struggle

 This part of the book details Marx's delineation of the Struggle.  He saw it as an ongoing, rational war between the compliant and self satisfied bourgeois and the underclass that gave their work away for pennies.  Berlin skips around a lot, and so it is possible that this section will be updated and revised as … Continue reading Marx: Identifying the Struggle

Memorial Day & Arlington Nat’l Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia Thousands of visitors come to America's most hallowed cemetery on Memorial Day for one of two major annual observances; the first on the calendar is Memorial Day.   The other is Veterans Day, November 11. Over 300,000 veterans have been laid to rest here since the property was seized from General … Continue reading Memorial Day & Arlington Nat’l Cemetery

The Donkey, a poem for Palm Sunday

The Donkey By G. K. Chesterton When fishes flew and forests walked    And figs grew upon thorn, Some moment when the moon was blood    Then surely I was born. With monstrous head and sickening cry    And ears like errant wings, The devil’s walking parody    On all four-footed things. The tattered outlaw of the earth,    Of … Continue reading The Donkey, a poem for Palm Sunday